Thursday, November 4, 2010

Canon Testing/ Truth

Hello everyone! Just a short note about some things to think about:

Firstly, I would ask you to canon test everything I say. And by everything, I mean everything. Push it, prod it, poke it. I don't care. Be a Berean and search the scriptures to see if what I say is true. If it isn't please let me know. In no way do I want to teach fallacy or heretical teachings.

This is also a principle for life too. Is what your pastor saying really Biblical? Or is he just using a few scriptures to propagate his own agenda? If you do not canon test everything, or if you just believe all that comes your way, you will be deceived. Search the scriptures; see if what I say lines up. Feel free to comment and say, "I don't agree with this" but not just because of your opinion or bias, but "because of a, b, and c."

Secondly, I want to address something in regards to what I do right. When you hear truth, it is really easy to sit back and say, "That's good" but never really know it or apply it to your life. There is a schism in theology that has come about it the church that never was there before. Everyone has a formal theology, which is what they would say if you asked them about their beliefs. "I believe Christ died, rose from the dead, ascended, etc."

There is also something called a personal theology. This is what you really believe based on what you do and how you live. To give an example Del Tackett gave when asking a guy about his pornography addiction:

"So, Joe, you say that the hardest time for you is when you're alone."

"Yeah, it is."

"Do you believe that God is omnipresent, Joe?"

"Sure, of course."

"No you don't"

"What do you mean?"

"If you really believed that God is omnipresent, you wouldn't do what you do."

He asks the question, "Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?" Do you? Has your views of God shifted your life patterns at all, or are you living in your 'old man'?

Let that question probe your soul. When Christ enters into a man, his life radically changes, because it's not about him anymore, but Christ in him, the hope of glory. And where God resides, no idols can remain. Dagon was forced to bow before the ark of the holy presence of God (1 Sam. 5). If your life has not been changed by God, it is likely God does not dwell in you. Let Him cleanse you of idols and lies and flesh, and let Him reign in you.

Let what you believe really become real to you.

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  1. Amen Brother! Something I've been thinking about recently is how I view the Bible. Is it a book that is true with great ideas that I love to hear or is the Word of God that I should allow to change me and mold my life around it? The second is what it should be, but a majority of the time it's not.
    God Bless! <><